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Fireback Food Table

About us

Fireback is an exciting new Thai restaurant and bar from EHV International. Hidden behind an old Portuguese bungalow, Fireback serves authentic Thai food at a picturesque riverside setting in Siolim, Goa. The name is inspired by the Thai national bird, the Siamese Fireback, and also speaks to the fire-grilled cooking behind many of the restaurant’s dishes.

The restaurant is a modern glass house that steps down onto outdoor decks and a promenade overlooking the river. Dine by a fish pond or at tables by the riverside with the outdoor bar taking center stage. The stunning St. Anthony’s Church in the distance presides over this unique setting.


Team Fireback


EHV International

Fireback is a concept created and operated by EHV International, which is part of one of India’s leading hospitality companies, Old World Hospitality.

EHV International owns and operates Indian Accent, New Delhi, Mumbai & New York; Comorin, Gurugram; Hosa, Goa; and Koloman in New York.

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